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Best Web Hosting option

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The best hosting should provide speed, reliability, security and a great customer service.

We consider cheap as something that can help us save our precious time.

The primary job of a web hosting is to provide the reliability and speed, keeping the overall cost low for managing the traffic.

In this context, I am going through the details of Siteground hosting and compare it with popular hosting companies like Bluehost and Hostgator and AWS.

As per our experience & expert opinion below are your best hosting plans instead of Digital Ocean & AWS. Because we had used all of these hosting but found Siteground as the best hosting provider.

If you’re going to use WordPress as a development CMS then there is one excellent advantage to use WordPress & Siteground together because Siteground’s internal structure is defined in a manner that it automatically speed up the wordpress websites and website will work very smoothly.

Siteground web hosting best plans,

i – (Suitable from ~ 10,000 to ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly)



Siteground shared hosting plans


ii – (Suitable from more than ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly)


Siteground dedicated hosting plans

Advantages of Siteground which we personally knew,

1 – Data center is available in your so many below target regions so your speed will be high automatically.

Chicago, US

  • Best For:
  • North America, South America, Africa

London, UK

  • Best For:
  • Europe, Russia

Amsterdam, NL

  • Best For:
  • Europe, Russia

Milan, IT

  • Best For:
  • Italy, Europe

Singapore, SG

  • Best For:
  • Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Pacific

2 – Live free chat support , I found the worst AWS experience in this section – they provide paid support only.

3 – Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

4 – Free CloudFlare (CDN) to speed up the site

5 – If you would like to upgrade to any of the other higher hosting plan later then it would be easily possible with Siteground.

Hope you would like this information because this info is not only 1 day research, it’s all about 11+ Yrs of experience and this is the conclusion and recommendation which is already been used on several websites.

Enjoy Best Web Hosting on the earth !

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